Using Tech As A Parenting Aid

There are a lot of mixed views regarding tech and how it can fit into parenting. I am here as always to give you my opinion on the matter.

A lot of people don’t like their children using tech because it can rot their brian, cause them to become anti-social, violent or even turn them into……..ZOMBIES!

However there are also a fair amount of parents who believe that tech is a good thing. I am somewhere in the middle.

I feel that tech has its place in the home and in your children’s lives especially in the day and age we’re in now. Everything is becoming computerized and the more exposure our children get to that at a young age can only be good for them to understand it in the future.

I still think it has its bad points which could be antisocial behaviour ect but if you limit and control what your children can and can’t do on whatever tech they are using then I can’t see a problem with it. Use it like an incentive. If they can do their chores or put their toys away then they can play on a tablet for half an hour. If you ensure they only have educational games and videos available to them then it’s win win. They get to play a game they love on a device they like while they’re listening to you and doing what you ask them to. I know, it’s a bit like bribery but sometimes as a parent I think that it’s necessary.

If Sophia has been good then she can play on her tablet and I think it has done wonders with her speech and learning the basics like numbers, letters, counting and very simple maths. Obviously we teach her these things too but if she is learning it a different way as well then it sinks in quicker. Remember everyone learns at different rates and in different ways so something like this could help them grasp basic concepts like adding two numbers together.
Anyway that is my view on children with tech and you are entitled to your own and I respect that.

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2 thoughts on “Using Tech As A Parenting Aid

  1. What you say makes sense but it requires discipline (of parent) to be consistent and stick with the rules. It becomes terribly hard to not give in in the face of a little one who pleads, “Just let me finish this one game.” Then it is easy for the child to “forget” and go to another one with the same plea. And … I’m sure you know the game. I have no problem with the “bribe.” We all work for a reward of some kind even if it is intrinsic. It takes some maturing to settle for intrinsic. Not toddler friendly – at least not easily toddler friendly.

    1. Luckily on the tablet we have you get to control time limits and content so you can give them literally the time you tell them and it locks up after so it does make it easier to stay firm with.

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