Toe Socks?!

I have always loved the feel of things like sand or the grass between my toes. It makes me feel free. You don’t get that kind of feeling when you’re wearing shoes or even socks. Saying that toe socks are a bizarre and amazing creation that I instantly fell in love with. They seem to give me this feeling to a degree.

I never even knew they existed nevermind how many different types you can get! Plain, colourful, fluffy and even toe-less to name a few. Now, I know these are obviously marketed towards women as they are mostly in “Girly” designs. There are a fair few out there for men too. After all we can enjoy the benefits of that feeling of freedom. It isn’t just for women.

The points I love about the socks are that you get the feeling of freedom. It’s like being barefoot but with added comfort and protection. You should always try to be barefoot as often as you can because it does have some benefits. Feeling free, having a better connection to the earth, it’s better for your feet and that’s how we were designed to walk are just a few.

This even goes for kids. You should always try to let them walk barefoot as much as you can. In the early stages of them learning to walk they actually use their toes to hold onto the floor and gain stability. This is something we quickly lose because we are all too quick to put shoes on them because they look cute.

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