A Toddler In Soft Play

We have been scoping out a load of our local soft play areas so we can arrange to take Sophia. We just found a great one.

Not only was it fairly quiet, clean and friendly but it was also quite cheap. Only £2.50 for 2 hours! Can’t go wrong. Admittedly they do charge a fair bit for food and drinks but that’s obviously how they get their money.

This is the baby area

The three of us went walking in ready to have some serious fun. They had a large play area and even a bouncy castle in the room. It’s really quite a big unit. Sophia loved it so much she didn’t want to leave. She had a meltdown when we tried to get her shoes on to leave.

Mummy playing too

Anyway the experience at the ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ in Worcester was the best soft play I have been to. We even went inside and got involved. I love going in the soft play. I am just a big kid at heart. There was a lot of fun had on the slide and I have linked a video to my YouTube channel of the fun we had on the slides.

Sophia kept running around in the play area and following other children. There was a little girl who Sophia seemed to get attached to. She was only around 12-14 months. They had a great time playing on the bouncy castle and through out the whole play area. They almost went down the slide together. Sophia loved it and kept going back for more. Sophia was trying to get the little girl to go down the slide with her and if I was the little girls dad I wouldn’t have let it happen either.

Bouncy castle Sophia

Overall I would give the ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ play area in Worcester an Opinionated Dad rating of 9/10. It’s truly a great place to take a toddler.

4 thoughts on “A Toddler In Soft Play

    1. For me the last star would have to be if they have more toilets available. It would be help those parents who are training their children because at one point we had to walk for almost 10 minutes to get to the toilet ?.


      Continuity from the staff with height restrictions. As it was just my wife, daughter and me in our little group she got measured all the time for rides which is good. However there was a little girl in front of us in a queue for a ride and she was a good inch or two shorter whan my daughter and got on because they had two other children. My daughter was too small and couldn’t go on with us so we didn’t go on that ride.

      1. Bathrooms are definitely a plus. 10 minutes is too far to go when a little one has to go. Especially if the place is intended for the wee ones. Fairness is good too. Weird that they lets kids who were too short get on but turning others away.

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