The MOT Day

Ok so the other day my wife had a look at our car details online. She found out we needed to get our MOT sorted. It was on Saturday night so there was no MOT test centers open to get it booked in. Bloody typical!

Anyway she had found one fairly close on google. It was one where you can book it online, she did. On Monday we managed to get the car to the MOT place and we were trying to think of all the different things it could and possibly will fail on.

We dropped it off and we were told we will get a call in an hour with the results. After emptying ourselves out of the car we had a little walk into town. It was only about a 5 minute walk away. We had a look round B&M and as usual we found some random things to buy. One thing we found was a little makeup kit for Sophia. She was very excited to finally get one.

Still waiting on the mot
She is understanding make up more.

We still hadn’t received a call from the garage so we went to Costa for a Coffee. We all sat on one of the sofas they have there and started on our drinks. To keep Sophia happy we gave her the makeup kit we had just bought her. She loved it as you can see.

My silly mistake was giving her some chocolate. She was being quite good but as soon as the chocolate hit her system she was like the flash on speed. running around and super hyper. We try not to give her chocolate often. After calming her down and having finished our drinks we started to walk back to the garage. It was at this moment they decided to call. My wife answered and our thoughts were realised. The car had failed the MOT. It was on a few points but we were told they would get a quote ready for when we get back.

We entered reception and asked about the points the car had failed on and how much it would cost. My heart had stopped beating as I have never had an MOT that has cost less that around £300 for a pass. They came back with a figure around a third of that price. I was so relieved. They also told us they could get the work done on Wednesday. That is great because my wife won tickets to go and see her idol Michael Ball and Alfie Boe on Friday night. She has already sorted out a babysitter for the time we are out. Admittedly I can’t wait to go. It will be nice having some quality time with my wife. We just need to make sure the car is road legal and ready for Friday.

I am sorry this post is a bit random.

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