The Best Gifts Come In Baby Size Packages

We have been trying to have a baby for the last two years on and off. Now we finally have a positive test. Not just one test we did around 5 to make sure. We were both gob smacked and over the moon. This has been a long time coming.

Once we found out we just started to get a few little bits bobs like clothes and bibs. Now we have almost everything we need. We got a new push chair, car seat Moses baskets ect.

All that leaves now is all the crappy symptoms from the pregnancy itself. The sleepless nights, all the peeing, cravings and mood swings. Oh no I hate the mood swings. She can go from crying at a cute cat to ripping my head off for just breathing. That’s what hormones do to you. I could just be super annoying though.

Luckily Jenny is almost over the sickness stage of pregnancy so hopefully we can both just enjoy it. She will be able to feel the little bean floating around more and more, Eventually I will too.

Now Jenny is 12 weeks pregnant and we have had our scan it’s becoming more real and hitting us in the heart. We have really grown to love this little person growing inside her. The only concern we have now is how Sophia will react when the baby is finally here.

We’ve been trying to prepare her by including her in everything we do that’s baby related like shopping and scans ect. It seems as though Sophia has bonded with the baby already. When we were shopping for some baby clothes Sophia went and picked out a blanket that rolls up to look like a little teddy. She said “This is for baby to make her happy”. That melted our hearts.

Sophia quite often runs up to Jenny and wants to cuddle her tummy to give the baby a hug. She also talks to the baby. We just hope this continues and she is ok with the baby being here.

We’ve always wanted a little brother or sister for her and now it’s finally going to happen.

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Want to guess the gender? Be my guest. Just leave a comment below on what you think it might be. When we know we will pick someone who has got it right to pick how we do our gender reveal.

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