Teaching Your Children to Share.

Firstly I feel I have to tell you that this isn’t an article to teach you how to get your child to share. Now that’s out-of-the-way I will be giving you my opinion on what I think getting a child to share should entail.

Firstly getting a child to share can be quite a difficult task in itself never mind trying to explain reasons and situations where they shouldn’t.

I saw a post on a parenting group on Facebook where the poster stated they went to a play park with their child and a group of children when up to the child wanting to play with his/her toys. The mum rightly (In my opinion) said “No” to them. I don’t see why a group of kids feel they should have the right to ask to play with a strangers toy. Well there is nothing wrong with asking but it’s the fact that when the mum said not to share the toys the other mums looked at her like she had stamped on their heads. No child should be expected to give up their toys to anyone never mind a stranger. It’s different if the toys are shared or not theirs in the first place.

My wife and I are raising Sophia to know that if the toy is hers then she doesn’t have to share but it’s polite to. If the toys are not hers like that in a school or a nursery then she has an obligation to share and not ‘Hog’ the toys. It will be hard but I think it will be worth it in the long run for her. 

At the moment she is the most polite little girl you will ever know. We will be keeping it that way and just get to have knowledge of when she needs to be polite.

Obviously I am not trying to tell anyone how to raise their child but I feel this is the best way for Sophia.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Your Children to Share.

  1. I read the first post and comments. Wondered how you would handle the same problem. Seems you both represent the dominate feeling. I ate lunch at the senior center the other day. Their meals are not great. One lady had brought a container of pickled cucumbers, onions and radishes – set it in the center of the table for anyone who wanted them. That was kind. Nicer than I am, but I admired her. I wonder where/why/how she valued sharing. Where does sharing relate to kindness, or is kindness no valued either? If you give a big can of legos to one son, does he need to share with a little sister? I had two boys I’m sure I would have made my sons share on such things. I’m not too excited about sharing when it comes to the government taking more of my taxes, even though I basically believe in sharing. Demands a lot of thought – this parenting business, the serious issue of growing adults!

    1. It is a very touchy subject, all open for debate and interpretation from everyone. What one person believes another will disagree. I just know that we have been teaching Sophia to be kind and share certain things when we feel she should. Just today Sophia won a few teddies on the claw games and off her own back she wanted to give one to her cousin that she has only properly met this week. We are really proud of her for doing so.

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