Taking Your Child To The Toilet

This topic is one that was bought to my attention thanks to Jen. I will be giving you my thoughts and opinions on taking your child to a public toilet.

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Jen read a post in a group on Facebook and it was about where to take your child when they need the toilet. Now I don’t mean let them wee in a garden or a flower-pot before you think that. It’s about when you are in a shop or restaurant and your daughter suddenly says they need to use the toilet. What room do you use? Being a man and a dad I have always taken Sophia into the mens toilets. When there is a family room or a baby changing room available I use those. It’s obvious right?! A man should take his daughter into the men’s room shouldn’t he?! After hearing this post my wife read I think not.

As my daughter is a little girl she should be using the ladies’ room. This can be done when I am out with my wife and we sit close enough to the toilets. So what if I’m out with Sophia, just the two of us? Can I take Sophia into the ladies’ room even though I am a man? I think I should be able to. It’s not like the toilets are on show to everyone like urinals. The last thing I want Sophia to see is a load of knobs when she walks through the door of the men’s room. Especially at eye level. Also the men’s room always smells of urine and normal has a puddle or six on the floor. Would you really want your daughter to have to use that room? I know I don’t! Even I don’t like to use the men’s room!

Obviously this should work both ways and I wouldn’t really have an issue with a women bringing her son in to use the toilet. However the big problem with the men’s room is the urinals. It makes it hard for women or little girls to go into the room because there are always men with their penis’ out and they have every right to do so but why can’t the urinals be swapped for cubicles or have a screen up so women and girls don’t feel threatened by entering the gents.

So ladies do you think it’s ok for a dad to take his daughter into the ladies’ room so she can use the correct room, feel safer, not be exposed to random men’s penis’ and to be treated as the gender she is?

Dads would you take your daughter into the ladies’ so she can feel that little bit cleaner, safer and normal?

Please give me your opinions on this subject.

I want to hear from anyone and everyone, parent or not. Leave a comment here, on my original Facebook post or send me a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Taking Your Child To The Toilet

  1. I wd expect my hubby to take our little girl into the ladies. In a ideal world they Sd be sep loo for dads and there daughters.

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