Sunshine Fun Time

This is my favourite time of year. The Sun’s out, it’s getting hotter, the shorts come out and I can swap my shoes for flip-flops. Admittedly I only wear them when I have to. The sunny and hot weather opens up a lot more possibilities to keep the kids happy and tire them out.

What is better this year is Sophia is 3 almost 4! Where has the time gone?! She is such a chatterbox, sometimes I wish she would shut up for 5 seconds. As she is now that much older she understands a lot, even if she never listens.

We recently went to a local woodland area and she was truly in her element. Running off, finding sticks and stones, wanting to build a campfire ect. She’s a proper outdoorsy girl.

Here’s a few pics of our outing:

What are you doing this half-term / summer to keep the kids entertained? Let me know your tips by leaving a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Fun Time

  1. Nothing like an adventure through the woods! I’m putting my kids to work by making them (the oldest anyway) mow the yard. We also love hikes and kayaking and biking and all things outdoors.

  2. I’m a soon to be dad, so i guess that means i’m also a soon to be dad blogger.

    Just browsing through actual dad blogs to get some idea of what i’m in for.

    This post makes it look great 🙂

    1. You’re in for an amazing world of smiles, warm hearted moments and an overwhelming feeling of love. You have to wade through some shit, sick and loads of milk to get to some of those moments. Trust me when i say It’s worth every bit of crap. A lot of these posts and blogs show the nice side of parenting but there is an awful lot of sleepless nights and real testing moments.
      My advice would be hang in there and enjoy every tired second of it.
      Congratulations on becoming a soon to be dad! Welcome to the clan.
      Ps Coffee will be your best friend ?

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