Soft Play Antics

I know in my last post I said I would try to post more often and that was 100% true. However, as always life gets in the way. We do have two little kids to look after. They have both been taking it in turns to wake us up at night. Most of the time they are adorable but they are hard work and very tiring, especially when they only let you get around 3-4 hours of sleep each night!

Now it’s time to get to the point and the guts of this post. Soft play!

Soft play is a place that can make or break a parent, especially new ones. Taking those first few steps into the unknown can be daunting but don’t worry there isn’t much need to tread carefully. After you have been a few times you soon get used to it. Just let your child(ren) run off and have a good time. Just remind them to be careful on the slide!

When ever we go now Sophia is hardly through the door before her shoes are off ready to scurry through the soft play area like a ferret.

This isn’t just a “look how great soft play is” post. The last two times we took Freddie and Sophia, there has been a child in there with no respect or discipline. He would randomly run around and target children. Once the target had been acquired he would attack without mercy. Thwack! A punch to the face or stomach. Sometimes he would grab a child and pull them to the floor anyway he could before pulling their hair or started punching and kicking them.

The main problem with this is the staff don’t help out and you never know who the parent is to say something.

Jenny then made the wise decision to get Sophia out of the soft play. She bought her back to our table where we were enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It was all calm apart from Freddie wiggling around in a bean bag getting ready for a feed. Jen then told Sophia that boy (pointing him out) is hitting people and if he tries to hit you just shout at him. She seemed to take it in but was more interested in going back in to go in the ball pit.

I kept one eye on the boy just to ensure I knew where he was incase he started to approach Sophia. It wasn’t long before he started to make his way to the ball pit. Sophia was still in there playing with a new-found friend, also called Sophia. As the boy approached the entrance to the pit Sophia saw him. She stopped playing and went straight up to him. My heart was in my mouth at this point and I was poised ready to jump into action if he tried anything. Sophia started to point at him and firmly said that he will not hit her. I saw the face of this boy change from a smirk to shocked. he turned around and got out of their. She did a good job at putting him in his place. I was so proud of her.

Luckily for us this was the first time that this has happened and I though Sophia handled it brilliantly. I was worried that when she starts school in September she could be bullied. Seeing her deal with this little encounter has changed my opinion.

So If you’ve never been to soft play then it’s definitely worth it but keep an eye out for the little crazy kid that does whatever they want.

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