Snuggle Up In A Luxury Pillow

As you know my wife is pregnant. With pregnancy comes a series of issues or problems that make it very difficult for any pregnant woman to fall asleep. Here are a few of the issues Jen had to face this time around. The constant need to go to the toilet, restless legs, swollen feet, baby kicking, being too hot, can’t lie down on your tummy and needing your tummy supported. No regular pillow helped.

We received a pregnancy pillow for Jen to try out to see if she can sleep longer than an hour at a time and actually get a decent amount of sleep.

The pillow we got was the Premium U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow from it’s around £45.


The pillow itself is a ‘U’ shape and is designed to give you the ultimate support in your pregnancy. It’s clever shape supports both the bump and your back giving you a massive hug.

Watch out though guys! Your partner will prefer to sleep with this pillow and you will be lucky to even fit in the bed. It’s not surprising considering the fabric they use is super soft and flexible. With the small Fairy beads inside it just moulds to the shape you need!

For those of you struggling to sleep make sure you rest your head on it as the inner fabric is coated with the relaxing smell of Lavender so it will help to send you into a natural sleep.

The use of this pillow isn’t just confined to the bedroom, you can use it on the sofa for an ultimate luxurious seat while you get the tissues and ice-cream ready and pop on a chick flick.

My daughter Sophia had a load of fun diving around on it and using it as a bean bag every chance she got! She would even sneak on to one of the ends to chill out. The cheeky little bugger!


  • Moulds to the shape of your body.
  • Super fluffy.
  • Incredibly comfy.
  • Helps to relax you into a natural sleep.
  • Plenty of room.


  • It was a bit too big! Normally I would say the bigger the better. However in this case the pillow didn’t leave much room in the bed for myself.


We both think this pillow is great! It did help and she did get a better nights sleep when using it. I love the fact it is a huge bean bag and changes shape to support you. This will definitely be used after the birth and kept safe for if we decide to have another baby.

The Opinionated Dad Score:

I would give this item an Opinionated Dad score of …….. 9/10! Well done Snuggle Up!

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