Snow! We’ve Had Snow!

A very strange thing happened a few days ago. I was awake keeping an eye on Freddie around 2 or 3 am because he was wide awake (typical). Looking out the window to see all this snow! It left me gobsmacked!

I didn’t even know it was snowing or that it was due to snow. It definitely came as a shock.

Time went on and as it got brighter it was still snowing! There was no sign it was going to stop. However it was on Sunday morning and we were due to go to Butlins the following the day!

I needed to goto the local super market to get some bits and bobs. Also the roads hadn’t been cleared but few cars were making it down the road. So I wrapped up warm and filled up my Progress Travel mug and flask with a nice hot coffee just incase I got stranded.

I have to admit that they are very handy and they do keep your hot drinks hot for ages. They look quite pretty too. If you fancy getting your hands on some then they will be available in Morrison’s nationwide from Boxing day.

I got in the car and tried to get down the shops. Big mistake! The car couldn’t get off the drive. The wheels just kept spinning.

We gave up and cancelled our holiday. Instead we ended up playing in the garden making snowballs for the first time with Sophia once she was in her snow suit.

If it has snowed by you please comment and let me know I would love to see pictures of how much snow you had and how far it reached!

We had well over a foot of snow. It was amazing. Does this mean we could have a white Christmas?

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