SMOK Priv V8 Review

Thanks to the amazing people at Vape Superstore I have been able to test out and review the SMOK Priv V8. So here it is.

As you’ve probably been able to tell from my e-liquid reviews, I am a vaper. Don’t worry I’m not one of the ones that blow the vapor in your face or never shut up about it.

As soon as we found out Jen was pregnant with Sophia, Jen gave up smoking completely and I went over to vaping. That was over 4 years ago!

I have used the pen style vape sticks at the beginning but upgraded to my coolfire IV around a year or so ago. I love having the control of changing the wattage ect to suit my needs/taste at the time.

The amazing people at Vape Superstore sent me the SMOK Priv V8 to test out. So let’s see what you get in the box:

You get the main unit, a 2ml baby m2 tank, replacement o-rings and gasket, a spare glass tube for the tank, 2 X m2 coils rated 0.25 ohms one pre-installed, usb charging cable and an instruction manual.

As well as all that Vape Superstore sent me 2 X 10ml bottles of e-liquid and the battery (sold separately).

The look of the kit is quite cool. It’s a rainbow effect like oil on water. It’s nice and compact but it can still pack a decent punch. I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried it out.

When you’re first using it just make sure it’s all screwed up tight and slide open the top fill tank to add your favourite flavour. Let the coil soak up the fluid for a few minutes when using a new coil or you could damage the cotton and cause a few problems.

The Priv V8 has a 5 click lock and unlock for the firing trigger to ensure you don’t end up burning up juice in your pocket. It’s very easy to get set up and to use.

Oh and the flavour is as clear as crystal. The two flavours I was sent both taste amazing and they really come through on this device.


Very easy to set up and use. No messing around to find the right setting. Just fire it up and away you go.

It’s available in a number of colours to suit your personal taste.

It produces a great cloud of vapor which is full of flavour. I’ve not experienced a burnt taste when the liquid is running low.


There is no way of knowing how much charge there is in the battery. Also it would be good to have the option to change the wattage as I found it quite harsh on my throat to start with.


I would say this is a great product especially for the price. It’s nice compact design makes it very easy to hold and handle. The full size trigger button makes it a breeze to use while on the go. If you’re looking for a new kit then I would definitely recommend it for beginners and more advanced users. Don’t let the small size take away from how powerful it actually is.

The Opinionated Dad Score:

I would give this item an Opinionated Dad score of …….. 7/10.

For the SMOK Priv V8 to get the full 10/10 for me it would need to have the ability to change wattage and display the battery charge level.


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