Show Your Emotions

​​One thing that I am guilty of is not voicing or showing any emotions. To my wife I must seem like a robot. As you can imagine it’s not the best way to keep a relationship going.

Men everywhere have the notion that they can’t show or have emotions instilled into them at a very young age. This could be simple things like telling a young boy to ‘Man up’ or ‘Suck it up’ whenever they show the slightest bit of emotion. Another factor of this could be from TV and films where men are portrayed as these ‘Buff’ people who are ‘Strong’ and don’t ‘break down’ hiding their emotions no matter what the situation. This creates the illusion that all men need to conform to this image where they are chiseled robots.

Sophia showing her emotions
She can do it so why can’t I?

I know there is an equal if not greater pressure for women to look like the super skinny models all over TV and magazines but I just want to say that no matter what your size or shape you are beautiful and men will still love you for you. You don’t have to conform.

Now back to the men. If you feel sad cry. Who cares if people see it. You have feelings too and you have every right to show them! It’s the same with happiness, show when you’re happy, jump around, dance, cuddle your partner or do something completely random.

Men are allowed to show how they feel and if you speak to anyone I’m sure they would even encourage it especially if that someone is your partner. Nothing makes a woman happier that the feeling they get when you actually open up and show how you’re feeling. Show them you’re vulnerable too.

Not only that but it also shows that you trust your partner. My emotions don’t naturally come to the surface. So I do have a bit of trouble showing them as most of my negative emotions are suppressed somehow. The only way I can show them is to keep trying!

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