Problems Picking Nurseries

In this day and age there are nurseries everywhere. We have around 5 within 1 mile of where we live.

So how do you go about picking one?

Obviously there are a few factors that would help eliminate a few. Those factors would be the age of the child, if they have space, cost, hours available and flexibility.

Sophia will be starting nursery soon and we need to pick one that is good for both our needs and hers. We are currently in a situation where we get the under 3 free childcare up to 15 hrs a week. With this in mind (as we can’t afford to send her to nursery) this limits our choices. Not all nurseries or childcare providers actually accept the free childcare vouchers.

We have shortlisted a few that we can apply to and will be arranging viewings over the next couple of weeks.

Here is my dilemma. I am somewhat overprotective. With this in mind, the fact that there are videos and news articles about children who get abused or neglected while in a childcare environment how can you be sure your child is safe. I know that childcare professionals have to have a criminal record check and the business has to meet certain requirements. However that doesn’t stop some bad eggs from working there. The last thing I would want to do is leave Sophia who is soft, kind and gentle with a monster. I know the likelihood of this happening is quite small but it’s still something that stays at the back of my mind.

We aren’t going to let this stop us from sending Sophia to nursery but we will meet the staff who will be looking after her and see how the other kids react to them. This can help us decide if the place is the place for us. Sophia has been to nursery before and the staff there were lovely so we know what good nursery workings act like. Jenny has also worked in that environment so she knows what to look out for and if things don’t seem ‘Right’.

Hopefully this will be the start of a little more freedom for us as a couple and also help Sophia develop and grow. Maybe even make a few friends. It will be so good for her to get back into that setting and learn the essential social skills ready for school.

Do you have any amazing stories or even some that made you feel unsure about different nurseries?

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5 thoughts on “Problems Picking Nurseries

  1. My two kids are in elementary school grade now. I’m happy to have the teachers since they have great integrity and determination in guiding our kids at school. This is one reason I might found valuable to sustain such a nursery dinamics.

    Glad to know you, Chris… ?

    1. Hello Edwin, Welcome and thank you for your comment. It is always good fot the teachers to have and display skills such as integrity and determination so the children can learn from example.

      I hope your kids are well.

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