Problematic Feet During Pregnancy?

As you all know Jenny is pregnant and that means she is having difficulty moving around. Her feet are swelling and getting uncomfortable, not to mention her hips taking some of the strain.

Thankfully Souls sent out a pair of their insoles to help keep some of the pain away.

During pregnancy your changing hormones actually cause changes in your feet. These changes make you more at risk of suffering from muscle and joint issues during and after pregnancy. The hormone slackens all your tendons and ligaments which can cause the arches in your feet to drop making your feet increase in size by up to 1 shoe size!

Thankfully the amazing people at My Souls have worked hard to develop insoles that counter this.

Jenny suffers from hips issues so anything that can help make her more comfortable is a plus. These insoles have helped. They haven’t taken away her pain and nothing ever will but they have helped to reduce the impact pregnancy has on her hips.

The insoles themselves are made with tiny air bubbles inside making it feel like you’re wearing a memory foam mattress on your feet. They are leather so also feel smooth and durable. I think they will last for few pregnancies.

The look of them are great too. They do come in a multitude of colours but the poppy red add character to any shoes.

Jenny said it did take a day or two for her to “wear them in” and after that time she noticed the pain in her feet started to reduce.

The insoles have a raised arch support which is really comfortable and that is where all the magic happens. They give you the support you and baby need during pregnancy.

If you would like a pair head over to and grab a set. You won’t regret it.


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