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Hello everyone, I thought it’s about time I updated you on the pregnancy of our baby boy. Jenny is now around 23 weeks pregnant and we haven’t long seen her consultant. This was the first time we have met her and she isn’t really in our good books at the moment.

Jenny has a health condition which affects her hips so every time she is pregnant it compromises the integrity of her hips. This is why she needs to see a consultant. We went there to talk about the different options when the time comes to meet our little boy. It turns out that according to the consultant we only have one choice which is to try to reach 39 weeks when Jenny will have an elective section.

If Jen goes into labour earlier she will have to have an emergency section. This is something we don’t want because when we had Sophia Jen went into labour at 37 weeks. From what we can find out if you have had an early labour before you’re more likely to have an early labour next time.

To find out more about the last pregnancy read my article about it Are dads valued at birth.

Ignoring the consultant the pregnancy is going well and our little baby boy is getting stronger and starting to kick high and strong enough to feel and even see from the outside. I am getting so excited I just can’t wait now for our baby to be here in our arms.

He’s growing well. Nice figure too ?

Jen is still experiencing some of the crap symptoms/side effects which stops her from enjoying the pregnancy that much. I have also had to step up a lot more. I know I am her carer and help a lot with normal daily tasks but with the added weight of pregnancy it has put a bit more strain on her hips causing a lot more pain than normal.

Sophia is even getting excited and keeps hugging/kissing her baby brother. Whenever we go shopping she finds things for her baby brother. It’s so adorable.

Overall the pregnancy is going as well as can be expected and we’re both very excited.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Our Baby Boy

  1. Hi and congratulations. I know it’s a big ask but try not to worry about an emergency section. That’s how my beautiful son came into the world 15 months ago and it’s all a distant memory now. I’m diabetic which meant I couldn’t have a natural birth either and it’s awful having that choice taken away from you, as if you aren’t even being given a chance to try and do it yourself. You will get to be in the room and you’ll be handed your baby and honestly, the way they arrive is so inconsequential in the end. I beat myself up about it for so long and it’s taken a lot of healing and self forgiveness to get to a point where I’m ok with it. I should have just been kinder to myself in the beginning.
    Whichever way it goes, you’ll be so proud of the mother of your baby that you’ll burst. Good luck xx

    1. I am soo proud of her already for the emergency section she had with our first. The main reason she doesn’t want another is because with all the complications she had the first few weeks are a blank. Hopefully things will be better for her this time round. Thank you for the truly lovely and supportive message. X

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