Potty Training Tips 

We have recently started to potty train Sophia, She was the one that asked for it! So I thought it may be beneficial to you if I wrote down a few of the things we did.

If you are looking to potty train a toddler you may need to try some of the tips I am about to give you.

A week or so ago Sophia came up to us and said “I want to go wee in the potty”. We already had a potty from previous failed attempts where she decided to flat-out refuse to use it. We got the potty out and made sure it was always nearby. We started off with no bottoms on, completely butt naked from the waist down. We kept asking her if she needed a wee and she surprisingly did go to her potty, sit on it and wee.

Her success rate was quite high so we gave her pants to wear so she gets used to pulling them down and back up again. We did it for her the first few times and she caught on straight away. She now goes out fully clothed wearing pants and trousers, she will pull her bottoms down and up when needed. Don’t get me wrong it’s a long and hard process and she still isn’t 100%. She refuses to use the potty for a poo but at least shes nailed a wee.



Everytime she went to the potty and had a wee we gave her a sticker to put on a sticker chart to say how good she is. She loves stickers so this worked really well for us. You need to use some form of incentive as this helps keep them focused and determined.

One thing we did was add some foam from a toy sword to her potty. The seat seemed to hurt her bum when she sat down so this helped to solve that problem.

When they have used the potty be sure to praise them like crazy. They love praise and it helps them to know you like what they have just done.

Be prepared! Always have anything you may need with you when you go out. Carry spare clothes, nappies, wipes ect maybe even a potty just incase especially if you are out in the car.

Expect a good few puddles on the floor. Don’t get put off if they wee or poo everywhere they are learning and they need to make the mistakes to learn from them, just like you and I.

Above all else have patience with them. It will happen and they will eventually just get it. As the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait” and in the case of potty training it will be so much better once they can do it and do it well.

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