Picnic, Pregnancy And ‘Pop’

It’s been a while since we’ve been out the house properly as a family. We have been out the house but it’s just been to the shops or hospital appointments.

So as the weather has been nice we planned a picnic! Let’s hope the ants (monsters as Sophia calls them) and wasps/bees stay away.

We planned the day but didn’t think where or what to take. I should have just let Jen plan it. She can plan things with military precision.

Fentimans sent me their summer soft drinks hamper so I saved it for the picnic. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best for us to go out for a picnic and Jen has been feeling the strain of pregnancy so we decided to have it at home. We got some finger food together and the hamper. Gathered everything together and sat down with no Tv, phones ect (apart from using the camera we were tech free).

I ran upstairs and grabbed our duvet to use as a picnic blanket. We plated up a load of food and placed them on the “Blanket”. There was no stopping us we were determined to have our little meal as a family.

I opened up the hamper and started to get the drinks flowing. They are amazing! I never knew that you could have so much flavour in such a cute little bottle. Each one of them packed a punch in their own way. The cherry cola was by far my favourite! Jen loves the Pink lemonade and keeps asking me to get a big basket filled with just them. Sophia was happy to have some of the curiosity cola. the only problem was Sophia kept asking for more!

We carried on with our food and Sophia then decided to take matters into her own hands and climb into the hamper to stop us from getting any others out. We literally had to bribe her out just so we could have more.

Luckily Sophia had such an eventful day she fell asleep on the blanket.

Fentimans drinks are mostly suitable for vegans and gluten-free people. They have one drink that is unsuitable but trust me when I say they have a great range to pick from.

I love these drinks and plan on getting some more in the near future.

Now the pregnancy. Jen is starting to feel the strain of the extra baby weight a lot more now and this has had a severely negative effect with her mobility. We really need to be careful that she doesn’t over do it.

Other than that the pregnancy is progressing well and in around 80 days we should be able to meet our little man. I’m over the moon and can’t wait.

Jen if you’re reading this I just want to tell you how much I love you and appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for us.


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