Most people believed that being a parent is an easy task that you can kind of ‘wing’ it especially when you see or hear about some children who get left home alone and aren’t really cared for. ?

Don’t make that mistake being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have loads of money or barely anything. Don’t get me wrong money would help but only with getting toys, clothes ect which can be done on a budget. The thing that kids need more in life aren’t the new phones or gadgets but time. They need time with you. Being a good parent isn’t about buying your kid the latest toy it’s about being there for them. You are the one who will make them feel safe and cheer them up if they’re scared of a monster under their bed. You’re the one who will play with them just before bed and let them stay up that little bit longer just so you can spend a short time appreciating their smile.

Children will give you 100% of their love so make sure you do the same. Surprise them one day by coming home early from work and spend time with them doing something they enjoy. Don’t get stuck in the ‘bread-winner’ mentality where you focus more on work than your family.

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