Our Windy Weekend

This is what my wife, daughter and I got up to this weekend.

On friday I woke up to Sophia shouting out “Daddy!” at the top of her lungs. I never thought I would get fed up of her saying “Daddy but she continues to amaze me everyday. I did the routine of chasing her around the bedroom trying to change her nappy and get her dressed. Once I managed to corner her, get greeted with the morning mess she left in her nappy and finally get a fresh one on, we start the battle of what she is going to wear. I get her to pick an outfit, she then decides she doesn’t actually want to wear it and I end up tricking her into getting dressed. All of this normally takes around 20 – 30 minutes.

We’re ready to go down stairs and get some breakfast. Yay! We walk into the kitchen and let the dog out into the garden while she pours her cereal and I pour her milk. As I pour her milk she goes to her little table and chair eagerly awaiting the arrival of her food. She’s such a food monster.

Now we are ready to start the day. I open the curtains and see a wheelie bin roll down the road. It was like a scene from a western film where a tumble weed rolls past. I think about how hard it will be to control both Sophia and Cody (Our dog) on a walk. After about 5 seconds of thought I think ‘No chance!’¬†

I go and wake up my wife. I like to let her have a bit of a lie in. When she comes downstairs I get ready and take Cody for a quick walk. The wind was strong and the little drops of rain felt like pins being thrown in my face. I got back in as quick as I could.

As soon as we were inside Cody wanted to go into the garden which is when we saw the fence rocking in the wind. It wasn’t just swaying like they do this was full on fence yoga! I quickly tried getting all the random bits of wood to prop it up. They broke within 5 minutes because of the rocking. My heart sank I thought I had achieved a great feat of manly DIY. The lightbulb lit up above my head. I went into the shed and grabbed a spade and a garden fork. I used them to prop up the fence. They are still holding the fence up now.

Now that the fence was safe and secure we went to Morrison’s for something to eat at their cafe. Sophia was relatively well-behaved which makes a change. We ate our meals and kept an eye open for Rudy the Robin that seems to reside in the store but unfortunately he didn’t want to come out and socialize.

Rudy the Robin

We got back home and the fence was still standing. I think I won the battle against storm Doris!

Speaking of Doris that reminds me, When you go to a shop and there are disabled and parent and child bays, does it annoy you that you get random assholes parking in the parent and child bays when they obviously have no child? I find it’s normally the elderly that park in them. You can’t find a P&C space only to see that the last one was taken by Doris and Rodger out for their weekly shop. They don’t have a young child with them and they don’t have a disabled badge either. These bays are meant to make it safer and easier for parents because children can and do run off. Also the extra space between the cars makes it easier to get children in and out of a car seat and allows for a pram. Rant over.

That’s about it for friday apart from the normal struggle and endless warm milks we have to provide to get Sophia to fall asleep.

On Saturday we had a great day at Thomas Land. To read about Saturday click here.

Sunday, now that was a strange day. If you haven’t been on the internet lately you might not know about April. She is a pregnant giraffe who has been streamed live on Facebook and YouTube for the last week. My wife had started watching on Wednesday and we had to have the stream open all day just in case she gave birth. Needless to say she didn’t and as far as I know she still hasn’t. My wife was still feeling the burn from the previous days walking and needed some extra sleep. I decided to take Sophia to the park and with the wind from the new storm I wish I had bought some string to tie around her ankles just incase she blew away. I could use her like a kite.

When we got back I woke my wife up and thought about making a traditional roast dinner. Sophia was running around like a lunatic setting Cody off and I thought ‘Screw this‘ and went to Morrison’s to get some microwave meals. Even that was a major fail. We ended up ordering a takeaway and saving the microwave meals for later or the following day.

Nothing seemed to go right but after looking out of the kitchen window I was pleased to see that the fence was still standing. At least I have achieved something this weekend.

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