Our Trip To Thomas Land

We went to Thomas Land!

It was my nephew’s birthday party on the 22nd which we missed because we had the car in the garage to get it road worthy after it failed the MOT. Luckily it has passed now and given a clean bill of health for a year. We saw on Facebook that my nephew was going to Thomas land.

My wife has been wanting to take Sophia there ever since we found out that she loves trains. That’s what we did. My wife booked the tickets and we met up with them there.

My wife, Sophia and I all bundled into the car ready for the long drive to Drayton Manor (Thomas Land is inside) and we were all very excited. Not only to see what Thomas land is like but also to see my brother and his little family. We remembered to take his presents too.

We finally got there after a slow drive on the motorway (road works most of the way) and started to drive into the park. It felt like the scene from Jurassic Park as you enter. Our excitement and expectations were high. Sophia was almost chanting Thomas as we got close to the actual Thomas land entrance. It looked amazing as you walk in. It was better than I had expected.

Thomas land!
Yay! Thomas Land

Sophia’s eyes lit up with excitement and all she wanted to do was go on all the rides. As you can imagine for safety reasons some rides have height limits to protect the children and themselves. One thing we did find stupid was that Sophia was just a few centimetres shorter than the minimum height restriction for a certain ride and we were rejected. This wouldn’t be that bad but there was a little girl who was a lot shorter than her that they allowed on the ride.

Sophia and John on Thomas

Forgetting that we did have a good time and met up with my brother at the start and then we went off in our own little families for a while before meeting back up again.

Official thomas land photo
A photo purchased from them

Sophia really seemed to enjoy seeing John (Her cousin) at one point they held hands and kept wanting to hold each others hands while we walked through the zoo.

All the rides we went on were good and the lines weren’t that long really. The only thing that made the day less enjoyable was the weather. It was cold, wet and windy. Stupidly we hadn’t really prepared for rain. Sophia had an emergency poncho that we keep with us but we didn’t have any protection from the wind and rain. One of my favourite rides was Harold and Sophia seemed to enjoy it too.

After we had the walk down to the zoo we were regretting the long walk back but then spotted a train to take you back to the main Thomas land village area. We joined the queue and got on fairly quick. What made that amazing was Sophia go to see Thomas and he was even our train that we boarded!

Sophia on the train

Overall it was a great day out. I loved it and I think my wife and daughter enjoyed themselves too.

We even had fun on the rides

They must have because they both fell asleep in the car on the way home. My beautiful girls.

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