Our Egg-cellent Easter!

I know, I know. That Easter egg thing gets over used so much it might actually disappear. Now that my dad moment is out the way let me tell you about what we got up to over Easter. Don’t get over excited though we didn’t go anywhere fancy we did just stay at home. 

When Sophia woke up at around 9am (Woo Hoo I got to sleep in!) I made her a breakfast of chopped up pears, she loves fruit, strange girl. I wanted her to at least have something healthy before the tsunami of chocolate that was about to flood her body.

Jenny had bought a few gifts for Sophia as well as some plastic hollow eggs that split in half. The kind you find in Hobbycraft. She also got some little chocolate coins and an egg for her.

We knew we were going to do an Easter egg hunt for her. Last year we tried but she was a bit to young for it. We put the coins in the eggs and hid them around the garden. Also we decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get her to give up her dummy. We told her that the Easter bunny had just had babies and asked her if she would let them have her dummy. Luckily she said yes and we took it to give to the Easter bunny.

As a thank you the Easter bunny had left her some little gifts in the garden. She went out and started to collect them up. Meanwhile, inside, Jenny was putting out her main egg and some Thomas & Friends stuff we had bought as an extra special thank you from the Easter bunny.

Sophia’s face was amazing when she realised what she had off the Easter bunny. She absolutely loves Thomas. So much so we took her to Thomas land which you can read about here.

After playing with all the Thomas toys and eating a bit of chocolate (I think she will have enough to last until next Easter) we had a lovely roast dinner. I wasn’t that bothered about what we had for dinner, Sophia would be too distracted by the chocolate, It turns out she wasn’t. Jenny had her heart set on having a yummy roast dinner.

It was a lovely roast. Chicken that melted in your mouth. Vegetables cooked to perfection. Pigs in blankets. My mouth is watering thinking about it again.

Sophia went to sleep that night dummy free. It did take 2 hours to get her to fall asleep but now she hasn’t even asked about it. Sophia is no longer dependant on a dummy.

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