New Year, New Kitchen

It’s 2018 and we are finally getting a new kitchen! We didn’t realise just how soon after new year it would be.

Our housing association did give us plenty of notice but I just forgot that they were due to start it on the 2nd of January!

I was frantically trying to empty the kitchen the night before as they requested. Finally we managed to empty the entire kitchen into our living room minus a few bits and bobs. It was hard work, especially with a toddler and baby.

They turned up at around 10am on the 2nd to start work on the kitchen. We opened it all up for them so they could go in and out through the back and left them to it. They even shut the kitchen door so it didn’t disturb us. That would have been great if they didn’t keep walking in without knocking or asking first as Jenny was breastfeeding on a few occasions and it made us feel very uncomfortable.

Later that day the electricians who unplugged the cooker started to go through our whole house looking in cupboards looking for the water heater and to check all the electrics. I don’t quite understand why. This made us all the more on edge as they seemed to be going through our personal property when all they should be doing is focusing on the kitchen.

The electricians who visited had no regard for children as they clipped off bits of wire and just left them on the floor next to where our 3-year-old was playing. She wouldn’t try to eat them but they just didn’t seem to care. Also when checking the sockets they left them all on without plugs or the child proof protectors that we had in them.

They completely gutted the kitchen on the first day and when they had left we went to go and cook dinner. They hadn’t connected the cooker! When they came and measured we were told that we would be left with a working cooker each day! We had no choice but to get a take away. Jenny called the housing association that are in charge and we have been told three times now that we will get an urgent call back. It’s been three days and still no phone call or working cooker. I wouldn’t mind but we didn’t prepare for having no cooker.

On day two they did manage to get all the units in and the sink so we can wash up ect but all we can wash up are the dirty cups we use as we are having to have takeaways which is very expensive and unhealthy. Jenny has to eat diary free food because Freddie seems to react to any diary she eats. We can’t just get a microwave meal as all the ones we have found contain some sort of milk or dairy.

The decorator has been now. He turned up on thursday (day 4). Fair play to the guy he was here at 8am. While I was complaining yet again to the housing association he just got started. They actually sent an electrician out to reconnect the cooker!! Yay!!! We can eat decent food again. Jenny can eat a proper meal now. After about 5 or 6 hours the decorator came in to use the toilet and I had a sneak peek. He was doing great. Little did I know that he would still be here at 8pm! 12 hours the guy was working flat-out for trying to get it finished! Poor guy.

Now all we need is the floor putting down and a few finishing touches then it should be done. It should be finished by Tuesday, at least that’s what they have told us. That’s not too bad really.

We just need to wait without a washing machine now until Tuesday. Fingers crossed they get it all done soon because I will have to wash our clothes in the bath otherwise. I am not looking forward to doing that.

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  1. Nothing is worse than having major work done inside your house, especially when you have little ones AND especially when it’s your kitchen. However, be patient. You will soon be enjoying your new kitchen.

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