My Wife’s Amazing Fashion!

Have you ever been stopped by people in the street, thanks to your amazing fashion, just so they can tell you how good you look? 

My wife is always getting stopped by random people when we are out and about so they can comment on her amazing dresses. She has always had a bit of a wild side when it comes to clothes and I must admit I think she looks stunning in each and ever one of them. I will hopefully have some pictures up in this article of her wearing some of them (If she lets me).

The dresses she wears are from a certain shop that I didn’t even know existed until her first purchase. They don’t just sell clothes either they sell all sorts of different china and fashion accessories.

Fashion from Cath Kidston.
She let me use some pics!

In case you haven’t managed to guess who the retailer is I will tell you. It’s Cath Kidston. If any woman wants to look and feel good with what they wear I would definitely recommend having a look and seeing what they have to sell.

When my wife wears her dresses I am tempted to rip them back off her (Not that I actually would because she would kill me!)

They also have kids clothes and accessories, My daughter has a ballerina backpack which we now use as her changing bag. It’s just big enough to fit all her nappies, wipes ect in. What’s even better is my daughter can wear it on her back so we don’t have to carry it and it makes her look soo cute!

Kids can follow the fashion trend too.
Look how cute she looks!

My wife even has a shelf in the Kitchen dedicated to the mugs, plates and bowls she has bought. I won’t lie their prices are a little steep depending on what budget you have but when I see the smile they put on my wife’s face I think it’s totally worth it.

Remember if you’re making a purchase online don’t forget to use Quidco!

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