My Baby Stole My Wife!

Everyone thinks having a baby will bring you closer together as a couple. They’re right but you have to seriously work at it. At the moment my baby has stolen my wife! Let me explain…….

Jen and I have always been a good couple. I wouldn’t say we’re perfect because everyone has troubles and things they need to work on. That being said we have been having an amazing time together. We’ve been raising a beautiful girl. It is demanding but we have been doing it for the past 3 years. We have a good routine now. Even though we don’t always make time together special, we always have time for each other.

Now that little Freddie is here that has all changed! He has taken her away from me. Not literally. The time we both took for granted is no longer there. If we’re not eating, sleeping or trying to person then Jen has Freddie attached to her breast.

Jen and I both decided to make sure we do all we can to breastfeed Freddie. It is the best for him. However we didn’t realise how intense it is! He is almost non stop feeding or so it seems.

Jen and I used to have a very healthy sex life and now it seems the only time I get to see her naked is when she’s having a bath. The only chance I get to see her boobs is when she gets them out for Freddie. I know this will change over time but it is hard not being able to be intimate with Jen.

Please don’t think that all I can think about is sex because that is far from it. I love just sitting watching a film or doing quizzes with her. I don’t care what we do as long as we do it together. However for me I don’t think anything beats the intimacy you can get from being joined as one complete soul in the bedroom (Or any other room for that matter).

Another thing I love is to give her massages to feel intimate but she is just too tired or in pain lately for that to be a possibility. Again with time and as Fred sleeps more we will get our time back.

Freddie is however one of the best things that has happened to us as a couple. I wouldn’t change our situation for the world.

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16 thoughts on “My Baby Stole My Wife!

  1. I breastfed my kids til they were 4 months each. Hubby was very happy when the 4 months was up as he got his boobs back. I used to remember baby was sucking on one breast and he would be sucking on the other. The kids didn’t dampen our sex life. We just made time for it. When they got a bit older we’d put a video in and they all sat and watched a video and we’d be at it.

      1. Yes. I wanted to breast feed for 6 months but never got there . By 4 months I was a skeleton with no meat on my bones as the baby took all the nutrients so I stopped and gave them formula.
        All mine were good sleepers . By two months they were sleeping through. Meaning if I fed them at 12am they’d sleep til 5-6am in the morning.

        1. That’s good going, 4 months is still a great achievement! Well done on getting them to sleep through. Fred is almost 2 months (he will be the day before xmas eve) and he is showing no signs of sleeping through ?

          1. Give him a bath late at night like 10:30-11pm. Get your wife to feed him both breasts 20 mins each for his last feed. That’s what I did with my kids but then all kids are different. What works with one doesn’t necessary work with another.

          2. I find it’s best to sync them to your bedtime. That way at least you’ll get the bulk of your sleep when they sleep. No point putting them down at 10pm and you don’t go til 1am which means when they wake up at 2-3am you’ve only just gotten to sleep.

          3. It’s draining but it’s the best part of all. I used to love all mine at that age. Wait til they get to 3-4 months then they start to smile a lot and start interacting making baby sounds.

          4. Our son was speech delayed other than that all good. Need to show them who’s the boss . Instil good habits , routine , give them chores . Ours are now 14,19,21. Time flies

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