Monsters Are Living Amongst Us

Now that the weather is getting better and the sun is coming out to warm us all up unfortunately the ‘Monsters’ are also coming out. 

Sophia and I were outside in the garden, She was running up and down the grass picking up stones and I was doing a bit of a general tidy up. She kept seeing ants?, bees? and bugs? then screaming and running away in a playful way. It was like she was trying to play chase with them. It was adorable.

I couldn’t stay out there all day as there is always work to do inside too. An unbeatable pile of washing, constant washing up (I think I had all the washing up done once), sweeping, mopping and cleaning. You get the idea.

Anyway Sophia was still playing outside. She came running in and was shouting that there was ‘Monsters’ in the garden. I obviously asked her where these ‘Monsters’ were. She said outside and just pointed into the garden. I held her hand and walked into the garden with her. I kept asking where the ‘Monsters’ are and she kept pointing further up the garden. We kept moving. About halfway up the garden she just stopped and wouldn’t move any further. Again I asked her where they are. She pointed to our rotary washing line. I stepped forward and then I saw it. The ‘Monster’ turned out to be nothing other than a little ant ? walking up and down the pole to the washing line.

I had to try to hold in my laughter while I explained to Sophia that it isn’t a ‘Monster’ It’s just a little ant. I then ran straight in to tell Jenny, she almost wet herself with laughter. This is one of those moments you will never forget as a parent and I hope to use it in the future to embarrass her. I can’t wait to see what other things she will come up with as she grows and discovers more things about the world.

Have your children ever done this? If so what was it that they thought were a ‘Monster’?

6 thoughts on “Monsters Are Living Amongst Us

  1. So… just because it is small, it is no monster? Imagine running into one when you are smaller. Ants really are tint monsters…

    1. I loved ants when i was small. I understand that she views them as monsters but i am just trying to teach her that there is nothing to be scared of. Strange thing is she loves spiders and talks to them.

  2. Wow! it is so funny and when I read this post I remember my 23 month old daughter saying wall socket as monsters because once I said its dangerous to touch. Whenever she passes by or see a wall socket she tells me its a monster and will not allow me to go near. Its kinda funny but its ok until or unless they stay safe.

  3. One time on a camping trip in Maine I climbed a tree to get away from a bull moose. Everyone laughed at me. So I was “Mr. Coward” of the group. It turns out I was the only one who knew anything. (Thanks to Reader’s Digest, “Drama in Real Life”)

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