Our Merry Mixers

This Christmas, like many others before, we had a little get together at my mother in-laws. There is normally food, drink, games and general larking about. This year wasn’t too much different. We had a very young baby meaning we couldn’t really drink or stay over. I did however bring some amazing mixers.

I love a drink as much as the next person but we had to limit it to one or two so I thought we may as well drink the good stuff. Fentimans mixers! Their tonic waters are the best. Just add a little Gin or Vodka. I could drink them all day long.

A drink I had never tried before was dark Rum and Ginger beer! If you like rum then you will love that. I think it’s called a ‘Dark and Stormy’ I think it’s one of the best alcoholic drinks I have ever had!

They definitely helped the drink go down. It was just a shame I couldn’t have much. I will make sure we keep a little stock in so when we get the urge and time to have a little drink then we can. Fentimans have a huge selection of different mixers to suit everyone’s tastes and they are definitely worth a try.

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