Making Housework Easy With A Toddler

Calling all parents of toddlers! This article is for you, I will share my secret to success when it comes to getting the housework done.

Wait, You’re a dad and you do housework?! Yes, That’s right I have been domesticated. I know how to cook, clean, use the washing machine and I can put the toilet seat down all on my own (I’m a big boy now). I would have been a good wife in the 60s.

First thing’s first, I’m guessing your toddler makes housework 10X harder than it needs to be? Sophia used to do that to me. Everytime I would try to hang out washing, load the dishwasher and even sweep the floor she would get in the way or undo what I had just done. It drove me insane!

So what’s the solution……

I have found that with Sophia she was getting in the way and causing havoc because she just wanted to help. It took me a while to figure this out but I’m glad I did.

Now I can do the housework without the hassle of having a rabid toddler nipping at my ankles. All I did was lock her in a cage…. Oh wait, no I didn’t, she kept running away. I actually got her to help. Now she knows how to do simple bits of housework.

Sophia will put clothes in the washing machine and help get them out too. She will pass me clothes to hang up. Give her a dustpan and brush and away she goes while I get the floor swept. A brush or duster can keep her busy for hours.

The final result I came up with when I need some toddler free time to cook, clean or tidy is to give her a duster. She doesn’t actually dust but she thinks she is and loves to “Help”.

It won’t be long before we can give her actual chores to do. Maybe then I can sit down for more that 30 seconds at a time.

What’s your thoughts on my tactic?

Do you think it’s fair?

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2 thoughts on “Making Housework Easy With A Toddler

  1. This is something we got Chase doing once he was comfortably walking. He always helps empty the dishwasher, empty and fill the washing machine (including throwing clothes down the stairs, it’s actually really fun), taking clothes off the line.
    It definitely makes things a little easier!

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