Lapasa Fitness Clothes

Why do we change into different clothes while we exercise? It might sound like a stupid question with an obvious answer. You’re probably right. However I am ‘The Opinionated Dad’ and why call myself that unless I’m going to actually give you ‘my’ opinions.

The main and obvious reason we get changed is to wear looser clothes. Why would we want to wear clothes that restrict us and stop us from moving? Surely we would want to be as flexible as possible while we limber up and take our bodies down the path to hell? I know I do.

I managed to get my lucky little paws on a Compression top and leggings from the company Lapasa. They are a Canadian company who are starting to grow in the UK.

I know the idea of Compression clothing sounds like it will be more restrictive than normal clothes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They do hug your body like a koala bear holding onto a eucalyptus tree overhanging a cliff. However that being said they do offer a huge range of movement! I probably couldn’t have moved more if I was naked.

The material they use for the compression clothing is a lycra and polyester blend. This alongside the way the fibers are connected creates a strange heat barrier. They keep you warm but also help keep you cool at the same time. It’s bizarre!

They make perfect workout wear because not only do they make you look good they also let the sweat out and this helps reduce that post workout smell. The sweat doesn’t soak into the fabric.

Finally when you wash them it only takes a short amount of time for them to dry off compared to a normal t-shirt. This means you can have a quicker turn around between uses.

Overall I would say they’re one of the better if not the best brands to buy your workout kit from. So why not refresh your gym bag and start to work out in style.

Here is a link to them if you want to get your hands on some:


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