I’ll Mop The Floor With You

Welcome back. Today I want to talk about something that, as a parent, has helped me loads! It’s a floor mop and window cleaner from Wizmops.

This isn’t a normal thing for a parent to talk about but here I am letting you know how this mop has helped me.

As you know I have a toddler (Sophia) who is almost 3 years old now! Where does the time go ?. Somehow, In the space of about an hour or two she had destroyed the living room. There is food on the floor, crayon marks everywhere and puddles of drink or wee in places.

It used to be a ball ache to clean it all up but now I can just pick the toys up and instead of sweeping then mopping I can just grab this mop and away I go.

The mop has a built-in spray bottle so you can lightly mist the area with a cleaning solution of your choice before gliding over it, sweeping and mopping at the same time.

I have some chalk pens that Sophia uses to draw on the floor that used to be a pain to clean up when they dry. If I use the spray and leave it for around 15 seconds it wipes up easy as anything.

I haven’t fully used it to clean windows yet but I did give it a try and it came out good.

The spray mop comes with 2 microfiber pads which are kind of velcro attached and they’re very secure, a 600 ml bottle to fill with your cleaning solution, window cleaning attachment and a trigger handle. It’s a lot for the price and it’s very easy to use. The head swivels and can reach under sofas with easy.

I used to mop 2 – 3 times a week and now I can easily mop everyday. Thank you Wizmops.

Get yours here and use code:15OFFWIZ for 15% off!

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