I Have Applied To Become A Firefighter

I’m sorry that this article isn’t baby related but it is parent related in a way. I have wanted to be a Firefighter for the last few years.

I found out just over 2 years ago that you can become an On-Call or Retained Firefighter. I was starting an application for my local station at the time but unfortunately I didn’t live close enough. You need to live within 5 minutes travel to the station you’re applying for. This is a bit obvious as you will find out in a moment.

Let me tell you a little bit about how an On-Call Firefighter works. If you live or work within 5 minutes of a station that is recruiting for On-Call Firefighters then that is your first hurdle complete. On-Call Firefighters are basically back up for the Fire and Rescue service. They still receive the same level of training and development as full-time Firefighters so you will always be in safe hands. They cover hours that they are available to receive calls. During this time they will have a pager or something similar to alert them that they have a ‘Shout’ When their pager goes off they have to get to the station and out again fully kitted up in around 5 minutes. When it comes to saving lives every second counts.

They don’t just respond to fires but a large array of calls like RTC’s, trapped people or animals, hazardous materials and floods. The responders have to be very diverse in their skills to be able to carry out such tasks. They don’t just respond to emergency situations either as expected they receive on going training and development as well as visit schools, community centres ect to educate the public on proper safety rules ect when it comes to fires.

Any way back to me. I have applied and I am waiting to hear if I have been successful with the application form. If I am then I will have to complete a series of physical and mental tests.

If I do manage to become a Firefighter then I know I can be proud of what I do as I’m sure my wife and daughter will also be proud of me for giving back to the community.

I don’t expect to pass, This is my first time applying and it takes some people a good few attempts to get up to scratch. It is a selection of the best applicants they have they get through and apparently most get dropped on their application form. I am hoping my experience as a blogger could help as I am getting used to writing more.

I will keep you all updated and wish me luck.

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