How I Made Sophia ‘Cranky’

This is my little story about why and how I made Sophia ‘Cranky’.

Let me just start by saying it’s probably not what you think but keep reading to find out.

It was around 19:30, Sophia had been in bed for around half an hour, Suddenly she starts screaming and we run up to see what’s wrong. She was just unhappy and wanted to go downstairs. We needed to bribe her to goto sleep somehow and Jenny had the ultimate bribe. Sophia really loves Thomas & Friends and Jenny was promising her a ‘Cranky’ toy. She seemed over the moon with that. It worked getting her back to sleep.

We went downstairs and relaxed before realising that we actually needed to get her a ‘Cranky’ toy now. We had a look on a few websites like ArgosEbay and Toys ‘R’ Us. We then knew we were in deep poop. They are so expensive!

Me being the amazing dad I try to be came up with a good idea to forefill our promise. I will make her one!

I had an image in my mind of what he looks like and what I hoped my creation would look like. I even factored in the winch (Cranky being a crane) I felt that he needed to have a workable winch.

I got together all the materials I needed. This included but was not limited to: A cereal box, toothpicks or cocktail sticks (The little wooden sharp stick things), a hot glue gun and some thread.

I made a frame using the sticks and used the glue gun to hold it all together. I only made the frame of the lower part as I knew how the other parts would be made and didn’t feel they needed a frame. Once the frame was dry I cut up the cereal box into panels to fit around is as you can see in the picture.

Next was the bit that made him taller (I haven’t got a clue what it’s called) and I just folded a strip of card into the shape I needed. I did this again but on a smaller and longer scale to create the bit that sticks out. Then I added the winch, drew on a face and he was complete. This took me until around midnight to complete but at least she had a crude ‘Cranky’ as promised.

It is crap I know but it strangely worked and Sophia was convinced that it was ‘Cranky’.

If you would like to see how she reacted to receiving the crappy Cranky then watch the video below.

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  1. You and your wife are so fun!!! and brilliant dad for making her toy,,,,and itlooks great and your daughter things so too a happy little girl you made her. Great Job to you and your wife.

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