Vape The Hizenberg Way

Fellow vapers new and old, I have been trying out a new E-liquid flavour called Hizenberg from Simply Eliquid.

I must say I was a little unsure what to expect from this flavour as it’s described as a mystery flavour. After trying it out for a few days I must say I am impressed. You can definitely taste a fruity explosion of blue raspberries and blueberries before you get the hit from the cool menthol flavour.

Also you get a great cloud of vapor from it which is great if you’re trying out tricks or just enjoy seeing the cloud.

I used to just stick to the same old flavour. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about trying new ones. I’m glad I did though. At the moment this is my new favourite flavour. Vaping the Hizenberg Way.

Get yours here you won’t be disappointed.


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