Hedgehog Family

Meet Mummy, Daddy, Sophia and Boy. That is the names Sophia (My daughter) has given to the Hedgehog family we have received from Sylvanian Families.

We have never had anything from the Sylvanian Families and I have been thinking about getting Sophia some for quite a while now. I would say she is old enough now to play with them. They do come with the 3+ advisory notice because of small parts and Sophia is currently 2 Years and 10 Months old. She was watched (Like a hawk) while she played with them.  Below you will see a video of Sophia’s first reaction to receiving them:

As you can see Sophia loves them. She couldn’t wait to get them out and start playing with them. I did a little inspection first and they are so well made it is unbelievable. I also love that they come with a set of brushes and combs. One thing I did find odd was the hair/fluff or spikes (whatever you want to call it) is able to come off. I don’t know if this is so you can clean them or if it’s to make it easy to replace if they get damaged. Here is a short video of Sophia brushing their hair:

What is really good is all of the limbs and the heads move so you can pose them and do elf on the shelf style scenes with them. I think that adds to the magic for Sophia.

As you can see I had fun placing them around and making them seem alive.

Sophia loves playing with the little Hedgehogs. She even makes up little stories about them or recreates things we have done in the day. It was raining and Sophia went out to splash in the puddles. She later made all the Hedgehogs do the same (Not in actual puddles though) and even gathered up make-believe towels to dry them off after. I really wish I had got a video of that. Sophia even gives them all kisses goodnight before heading up to bed herself.

In conclusion I love them. Sophia does too! We will definitely get her some more so she can grow a collection and maybe even make a little village.

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*I received the hedgehog family free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Family

  1. Something I will check out for my great-grandchildren. Cute videos. You are special to take the time to enjoy your Sophia so much. Time goes so fast, there are not really any time to take for granted.

    1. It’s such a shame i didn’t get the video of her making them play in puddles. That was the most adorable. The Sylvanian families characters are really well made and good for the money, I think. We do try to cherish every moment we have with her.

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