Happy 3rd Anniversary!

It was my wedding anniversary on 1st Feb and I must admit even though we didn’t get up to much it was an amazing day!

My wife (Jenny) has this special ability to make me smile no matter what and that is one of the endless list of things I love about her. Don’t get me wrong she can still annoy me as I know I annoy her so our marriage isn’t like something out of a fairy tale book but it is perfect for me and I think she is happy too.

Our tradition is that we goto Bella Italia in Gloucester Quays retail outlet and we have a 2 course meal. Jenny booked it as normal and this was the third time we had gone. She had also arranged for Sophia to spend a few hours with her mum so we can enjoy the meal alone as just a couple instead of a couple of parents. We haven’t done that in soo long! It was really nice to just walk next to her holding her hand without having the constant distraction of Sophia trying to run off and jump in puddles or just run because she feels like it.

The meal was very romantic and we were comparing it to a first date saying that if it was we were doing everything wrong because we are too comfortable with each other. She even stole some chicken off my pizza! Our deserts were rather nice but at the moment I have a big ulcer at the back of my mouth and it made eating anything very painful. I stupidly went for a desert that was a chocolate sponge cake with liquid chocolate inside and it kept sticking to every part of my mouth including the ulcer. If it wasn’t for that the meal would have been excellent.

My yummy but painful pudding.

Jenny had ordered a cookie dough lava cake and it even had little chocolate chips in it! I was a little jealous if I’m honest. I’m not normally one for chocolate but I was in the mood for it then hence my own choice.

The strange but delicious lava cake thing.

After leaving we still had time to kill so we enjoyed each others company while browsing some of the shops in the retail outlet. We eventually ended up in home bargains which was a mistake as we ended up spending £50 on random things but we did get a nice chair for Sophia’s room which you will see in an upcoming post.

I just wanted to end this post with a message to Jenny:

Hello Jenny, I just want to use this as an opportunity to say how much I enjoyed today. You always make me smile and I’m glad I made you laugh a lot over dinner. You have always been there for me and supported me through everything both good and bad and I appreciate every little thing you do for me. I know I may not show you that I love you with grand gestures but I do try to show it in all the little things I do like bringing you a drink to wake you up with, kissing you on the forehead while you wake up and making sure you don’t need to do any washing because I know how much you don’t like using the washing machine. I love you more and more each day and that will never change! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing at being a wife, mum and person. You are my universe. I love you soo much beautiful.


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