What Happens When A 2 Year Old Discovers Makeup

Have you ever seen something you know you shouldn’t laugh at but found it too funny to actually stop because it was just to funny and find yourself holding back a laugh. Get ready to see my daughter wearing makeup!

Well that’s what happened to my wife and I when we took a trip to Morrison’s for some food in the cafe. The meal as normal was good and even better with the fact that it was fairly cheap with the kids eat free after 3pm offer they have.

After the meal my wife wanted to get a few bits from the main shop so we had a little walk round. I can’t remember what it was that she wanted now but it took us past the Makeup aisle. As kids do our daughter decided to run off down that aisle and went straight for the makeup. I panicked thinking she was going to throw nail varnish around causing an endless amount of damage and mess. I caught up with her and she was stood at the eyeshadow testers poking her finger in and wiping it on her face!

I really struggled to hold in my relief and laughter. My wife and I just watched as she continued to apply eyeshadow on her face. Admittedly I did a little video for you to see.

The worst part was going through the shop with a 2-year-old covered in makeup. I was mortified after thinking everyone was going to be looking at us and judging us thinking we’re bad parents. Just to clarify we are not bad parents. She enjoyed it, She isn’t allergic, she was having fun and made some other shoppers smile too. She did however ask for a wipe when we got home to wipe the makeup off which I was really proud of. She didn’t do a bad job of getting it off either but obviously we had to finish off the clean up.

I don’t see this as a parenting fail but more of an example of how parenting should be. Kids should be allowed to explore the world around them so that they can find the things that they enjoy. For my 2-year-old that is putting eyeshadow all over her face or playing with paint and pens. Don’t get me wrong they still need to know when they can and can’t do certain things and have discipline but you also need to remember as parents not to take life too seriously.

As a result of this we are thinking of buying her a little eyeshadow pack for her birthday or something so she can have fun and play around with makeup.

Obviously we aren’t going to encourage the proper use of makeup as I believe she is beautiful just the way she is but that would be a chat for when she is older, a lot older I hope.

If you want to read a little about my daughter have a read of my article called Meet Sophia.

I would love to get your views on letting your little girls play with makeup. If you do or don’t please leave a comment and let me know which and you reasons behind it.

3 thoughts on “What Happens When A 2 Year Old Discovers Makeup

  1. Awe, sounds like she found exactly what she wanted and went for it. Super cute. I agree, as a parent you have to find the balance between letting them find themselves and setting boundaries. She definitely found herself in the make-up isle.

  2. Dad do a little Googling and find out what is in that makeup. Not something I would expose my little girl to. There are tons of more natural options that she can have just as much fun with only they are safer.

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