An Adventure With Gremmy – Childrens Book Review

I am going to tell you about my adventure with a little gremlin called Gremmy. The adventure is set in a book called ‘The Big Adventure Of The Little Gremlin’ Written by Nikola Raykov. 

Nikola is an award-winning children’s fantasy author. I received this book free of charge to review for him. The book is currently on Kick starter and if you would like to back him Click here. I will also provide a link to a free downloadable copy of the book at the end of the article.

The book is aimed at children and features a little gremlin called Gremmy. The story is about an adventure the little gremlin goes on to find food. Here’s the twist … You and your child get to pick the story!

At the end of each chapter the reader (or listener) gets to pick out of the possible choices on what to do or where to go. Each decision leads you deeper into Gremmy’s world where he describes what can, see, smell, touch and hear. This book contains a lot of learning opportunities for children ranging from identifying colours to teaching morals. (Some adults could do with reading this book!)

My daughter and I were glued to the book from start to finish! We have read it a few times and so far each time has been different. There are over 90 ways to read the book so you will struggle to get bored with it.

It has given me and my daughter some valuable bonding time and it’s also teaching her a lot. Overall I give this book a huge thumbs up and would rate it 10/10! I literally can’t fault it. Don’t take my word for it though grab a free e-book copy and give it a read yourself! Download your copy now.

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