Get Your Tats Out!

We have all seen them on all sorts of people, They come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Of course by tats I’m talking about tattoos not boobies as the title might have suggested.

A lot of people get them from all walks of life and each one normally tells a story (Unless you just like getting tattoos). I myself have 2 tattoos as you will see below:

Mine doesn’t really have any meaning or tell a story. I like geckos so I got a tattoo of a gecko. The other one was a cover up of a name. I know, I’m a complete idiot but I have learnt from the mistake. Do not get a tattoo of someones name unless it’s your child!

Now I think tattoos are a completely normal thing in modern-day life and I think more people have them than don’t. What I really want from you is do you think tattoos on a mum or dad are a good or bad thing? Jen recently got a new tattoo with both our kids names in. I think it’s a great tattoo and she loves it too.

So what are your views on parents with tats? Do you have any tattoos? I would love to see them if you do. Leave your views and opinions below.

If you have any tats I would love to see them. If you feel comfortable sharing them then post them on my Facebook page (Link Below)


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