Pregnancy Diabetes

This is a topic I never thought I would ever need to know anything about but here I am, writing a post about it. We have recently found out that Jen has pregnancy diabetes.

As I never knew anything about it before Jen got it I will tell you a bit about what it is and what it means. This is all my opinion and not to be used in place of real medical advise. Always seek the correct advise from your GP or healthcare provider.

It all started with a screening test specifically for Diabetes in pregnancy. It was a fasting blood test so Jen had to endure a night of watching me pig out on sweets and fatty food (Which I normally do) knowing she couldn’t have any of it. Admittedly I wasn’t that bad and I did try to sneak my junk when I wanted some. I spent most of the night ‘Looking’ in the cupboard while stuffing one Twix after the other into my face.

We went to the Hospital and Jen had her blood taken at around 9am. She then had to drink a thick gloop which tasted awful and is designed to test how quickly your body can manage the glucose in your system. Two hours she needed to sit and wait in the waiting room to make sure her body had a fair chance of processing the glucose gloop. She had to literally just sit there, on her ass, not moving so it wouldn’t burn off any of the glucose. It was a really long wait. She then had her bloods taken again so they could compare the two.

After a few days Jen called the doctors to get the results. They gave her the devastating news that she has Gestational diabetes. It hit us like a tonne of bricks thrown by the hulk. We didn’t know what this meant for her or the baby. All sorts ran through my head. Will Jen be okay? Will our baby be okay? Does she need to inject insulin? What is going on?!

After finding out on the Friday that she has Diabetes we then had to wait for an appointment on Tuesday to find out all the info and get the testing kit. So as you can imagine we spent the whole weekend on google trying to find different stories and as much information as we could. Jen managed to find the diet she needed to be on while living with diabetes. The website with the diet information is so if you think you may have gestational diabetes then check it out.

Jen was such a trooper with the diet, she started it straight away over the weekend. She has been amazing and hasn’t strayed once even though I still eat crap like a pig.

The appointment was a bit of a long one and I am glad it was! The nurse that lead the group appointment was amazing and showed everyone what they needed to do and gave them all the information they needed. Everyone tested their levels in the group and I was (and still am) proud of Jen for keeping her levels managed and within the 4.0 – 7.8 target.

After the nurse had said her part a dietitian came in and tried to give meal advice which completely contradicts everything we found from all the research we did. They said you can eat cake ect as long as it’s after your last blood sugar test for the day!! I mean come on! Don’t give vulnerable pregnant women bad advice! We’re so glad that Jen had found the website.

The diet the website recommends is actually really good for keeping the levels in check. It gives you quite a bit of energy even though it’s a low carb and sugar diet.

It is really important that you do keep on top of your levels because it can cause serious complications for both you and the baby. The baby can grow at a stupid rate and become too big for a natural birth forcing you to have a c-section. The placenta can stop working over time and that can have devastating effects.

Overall after Jen has been doing it for almost a week she can see the benefits and we don’t see it as such a bad thing as long as it stays managed. If there’s anything Jen’s good at its managing things. I am so proud of her I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am. I love you Jen.

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  1. So glad I found this, really useful info and link. My wife is 36 weeks pregnant with our third. She was at hospital last week and they think she may have it due to baby’s size. She is having the gloop test next Monday. Thank you so much..

    1. Please make sure she takes a book or something to do. She won’t be allowed to move around much for the 2 hours. I’m glad my article has helped even if it’s just in a small way. Thank you for takimg tge time to read and comment ?

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