Fun In The Sun

As you have probably noticed the sun is coming out for a change here in the UK and that can only mean one thing, It’s Summer!!

Before you go crazy and start panic buying fans, air conditioners and new bathing suits, Just bear in mind that you still need to be careful. The sun has been making it really hot the last week and you need to be safe. Be sure to stay hydrated and use sun cream to protect yourself and your family.

Now the boring bit about safety is out the way it’s time to put on the sun cream and get outside! It also seems like a tradition that when the sun comes out all us Brits feels the need to put on the absolute minimum amount of clothes almost like we are sacrificing our skin to the sun-god. I don’t know why we do it but we do.

Get the paddling pool out for the kids. Fill it up with freezing cold water and end up in there yourself. What a great way to cool down. Your kids will love splashing about in it (I know I do).

If you don’t have a pool then you can try doing what I did the other day. Gather up a load of empty bottles (2 litre ones are great) fill them all with water. Find somewhere flat and a good height for them. Then all you need to do is take the lids off and poke a hole in the bottom. The water will slowly spray out. If you have enough bottles you can keep this going for ages and make a sprinkler style effect. Unfortunately we don’t have an outdoor tap to have and use a hose. That’s why I came up with my sprinkler idea.

You can always just sun bathe if that is something you like to do. Grab a towel, lie down and wait while your skin either burns to a crisp or turns a nice brown colour.

Another great thing you can do is copy all the other Brits and go to a beach. Smell the salty sea and even jump in if you’re brave enough. Your kids can have fun in the water or building sand castles. Why not join in and help them. Build the biggest and best castle you can before finding things to attack it with.

Sophia loves being outside and loves to play with water which is why I made her the homemade sprinkler system. It went down a treat and she spent all day in the sun. She even burnt her shoulders because I didn’t put enough cream on her.

If you feel like getting out of your house (and garden) then you could always go to a park or splash pad (If you have one)

At the end of the day just make sure you do what makes you and your family happy even if it’s something as simple as sitting in the garden with an ice cream 🙂

Enjoy your summer and have fun!

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