Freaky Stories From Sophia

This is a few short stories about how my daughter can be a little freaky at times. We can all be freaky but it’s more unnerving when it’s a child.

Freaky Sophia
She looks a little freaky here!

Firstly when Sophia was starting to get to grips with words she obviously said “Dada” as her first word because it is the easiest one to say but a little after that she would keep randomly whispering “Dada die.” This did freak me out a bit because I thought she wanted me dead! Not really of course but it was a bit creepy.


Just a few days ago we woke Sophia up from a nap so we could go out and get a meal from Morrison’s. We got her dressed and ready. We left the house and she stood in the front garden and started mumbling. She then said “I have Ice cream, I lick it” she then mimed licking an ice cream. We got her into the car which took no longer than one or two minutes and as I started the engine an ice cream van drove up our road. She went crazy with excitement! This is especially strange because she thinks the ice cream van is a telephone because of the noise it makes.

The Boy:

Sophia has also created an imaginary friend or a ghost. She has constantly referenced a ‘Boy’ that seems to always be near her. She saves him food, seats and toys. Even when we went on holiday there was a chair in her room which was “The boy’s” and no one was allowed to sit there.

They’re Coming:

For around a week or so Sophia kept saying horrible things to my wife. She would say things like “They’re going to get you” and “You’re going to die” This concluded with Sophia walking up to my wife and whispering the words “They’re coming” in her ear.

If you have any crazy or freaky stories please let me know!

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  1. Definitely creepy …I wonder she just loves the sound of the words when she says them. ..did she hear them on TV ? once again a phase not a fun one just do not react to them and she will stop saying them soon enough.

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