Four Weeks Of Freddie – Meet Our Baby Boy

Warning – Some pictures of Freddie can be distressing.

I think it’s about time you all met our new baby boy, Freddie.

He didn’t have the best start in life but our love and the dedication of the staff at the hospital, especially in the NICU, pulled him through a rough patch and back into our arms.

Week 1:

As I said he didn’t have the best start but we did everything we could from holding his hand to breastfeeding him on the last day of the week. Obviously I wasn’t the one doing the breastfeeding.

Little Freddie was in a bad place and every day he got a little stronger. He wasn’t allowed to eat until the last day of his first week. However he did have a glucose drip so he was getting his fluids.

Week 2:

After being allowed to feed him Jen started to bond and they did almost instantly. It was killing them being apart but after a day or two of week 2 they were finally reunited in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU).

When Freddie came up to TCU we got told that he would need to stay in with Jen for at least another 2 weeks! We were not ready for that bombshell. However after a day or two we finally got to take him home!

Week 3:

Now we had to focus on feeding him and getting his weight up. He lost around 15% of his birth weight! That was a huge loss but it was due to the fact that the poor little guy couldn’t eat for the first week of his life.

We had a good few visits from the health visitor and the midwife to check on his weight. With each visit he was putting the weight back on. He was moving in the right direction.

Week 4:

At the start of this week Freddie was signed off by the midwife with a good gain in a weight. Now we no longer need to worry about him being so under weight. Don’t get me wrong he is still small and barely fits into new-born size clothes but at least he will grow in to them.

We have taken trips out and Jen has even breastfed a few times in public. She is such a great mum to both Sophia and Freddie.

Well that’s the first four weeks of Freddie’s life in a nutshell. I don’t mean he lived in a nutshell ?. You know what I mean. I am trying to write about the experience of him being in NICU so please keep an eye out for that one.

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  1. Hi Christopher. Greetings from South Africa. I haven’t had a chance yet to say congrats on your boy. He’s beautiful. I’m sorry you had to go through that rough start but I’m overjoyed to hear he’s doing ok. Wishing you and your family all the warmth and love you need this winter (by all means, take some of this heat we’re experiencing down here :D).

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