Getting Firefighter Fit: A Session Of Ice And Fire

Welcome back to my Mini-series Getting Firefighter fit. In this episode (A session of ice and fire) I will be covering how I plan to use the thermal treatments at The Malvern Spa to help me prepare for my firefighter physical tests.

Before I start, if you haven’t already, go back and read the previous episode “The Beginning

In a session of Ice and Fire you freeze or you fry! Can you tell I like Game Of Thrones?

There is nothing like a bit of a wind down after hitting the gym. At The Malvern Spa they have the perfect place for a Firefighter fit relaxation session.

At the moment I am still recovering from my shin splints but this little relaxing routine has helped immensely. I am almost able to walk pain-free!!

As soon as I’ve finished in the gym I head on over to the pool and sauna area. I start with a quick cold shower to freshen up then head into the Crystal steam room. This room is a perfect start to relax in. There are fibre optic lights in the ceiling and a large Amethyst geode as a feature point in the room. I would normally go in and lie down on the tiled seats looking up at what looks like the stars. If feels great for your pores to open up and absorb the steam. The steam also helps to clear out your lungs.

After spending 10 minutes or so in the Crystal room I would then move to the next room which is the Kelo Sauna.

Now this room is amazing! Not only for relaxing but also for use to train as a Firefighter. The temperature in that room is normally around 80 C which I will be using to simulate wearing the Firefighting kit while approaching a fire. As I get used to the heat I will start going in wearing clothes to get hotter. (Obviously do not try any of this yourself and if you do I will not be held responsible for any damage you cause yourself.) I know I will look like a proper idiot going into a sauna wearing leggings and a top but I will start off in small amounts to see how I cope.

Now that I have cooked for a good 10 – 15 Minutes I head over to the drench bucket. This is fun. It’s a bucket that is filled with chilled water that you can pull a chain on and the contents get dropped straight onto you.

This helps to close your pores back up. Finally to the Ice and Fire session I use the Ice rub. There is a fountain in the center of the sauna/steam room area filled with freshly crushed Ice. You grab a handful or two and rub it over your body. It helps to improve circulation and closes the pores again.

The most important thing about this training is to stay really hydrated. Normally you need around 2 litres a day. When training like this you need to consume at least 3 litres or more. Also if you start to feel too hot or start to get light-headed stop using the heat straight away and cool down with a cold drink.

I am sorry about the quality of some of the pictures. I took them at night about 30 minutes before they shut as not to spoil any ones time there.

Off to do some more training. See you again soon for the next instalment.


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