Getting Firefighter Fit: The Beginning

Welcome to my Getting Firefighter Fit Series where I will attempt to go from a generic dad with a belly to an actual Firefighter.

As some of you may already know I applied to become a firefighter. I got as far as the Physical Equipment Carry test and failed. It was the final test of the day. I think my failure was due to a combination of improper preparation for the high temperatures inside the fire suit and my fitness not being up to scratch. They have given me around 3 months to get fit.

I reached out to my local gym ‘The Malvern Spa‘ set at the foot of the Malvern hills and asked for their help. The email explained to them that I am training to become a firefighter in the local area and would they let me use their gym. They replied letting me know that they will help. Now that’s community spirit at its best. Helping a local man to get a local job in order to help the community. That made my brain hurt.

I paid them a visit and signed up. I did drive which I know is a bit lazy as they’re less than a 5 minute drive away but I am currently suffering with Shin splints so I don’t want to overdo it at the moment. The membership I have gives me access to the Gym, Studio, Spa, Pool and treatment area. I was given a tour and to be honest I was left a bit speechless. The place is amazing. From the outside you wouldn’t think much of it because it does look like a big concrete box building and you can’t really see inside (Which is good for privacy when you’re trying to relax). As soon as you get inside it looks like somewhere you would expect to bump into a celebrity or two during a visit. The Malvern Spa is a place of luxury, you can’t doubt that!

This is all based on my initial walk around and I will be updating you on the different things they have available like the Indoor/Outdoor pool as I use them. As I write updates you will also get to see the progress I make and I will end it with a before and after picture.

Here is what I look like now.

Be sure to check out the next episode: a session of Ice and Fire.


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