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Warning Fifty Shades Darker Review!
This article contains spoilers for the Fifty Shades Darker film!

Now that I have the warning out-of-the-way let’s get down to business of reviewing Fifty Shades Darker.

My wife and I managed to get a babysitter so we could go to the cinema to watch the new Fifty Shades film, Fifty Shades Darker which she pre-booked online at the Cineworld. I must admit I did enjoy the first film so I naturally had high hopes for this one. I had read the first book around the time the first film was released and although they left quite a bit out of the film, which is understandable as they can never fit everything from a book into a film, I felt they did a good job converting the novel to a feature film. My wife however got the bug and read all three books and re-read them a few days before we were due to watch the film.

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Anyway that’s enough talk about the first one, I’m writing about the second one now. My wife and I arrived at our local(ish) Cinema and got the customary popcorn before taking our seats. We were both very excited and couldn’t wait to watch this one. The film started and I was happy to instantly see a glimpse into Christian Grey’s past even if it was a bit disturbing. As the story progressed I found myself getting built up to what I thought was going to be a great cliff hanger (Where Christian Grey goes missing) only to find that he was found what only seemed like moments after his disappearance. This was around half way through the film if my memory is any good.

This film didn’t seem to have much of a story in comparison to the first one. I felt the first film was a great stand alone that left you wanting more. However this film felt more like it was just a filler while they sort out what they will do for the final film. It was good in a way and I am glad I went to watch it but I couldn’t help feeling let down. I don’t know if it’s just because I am a man why I feel this way or if many women felt the same way.

My wife who has also read all the books twice felt a bit let down. She does like to compare the films to the books and was telling me that they had left quite a lot of important scenes out and for some strange reason put one scene from the third book into this film. She also felt that the emotion wasn’t portrayed as well as in the books. She had compared it to getting close to orgasm only to have it denied. (Very frustrating!) Strangely during the sex scenes we found ourselves feeling bad for Jamie Dornan’s wife as he was groping Dakota Johnson’s breast and had his face in her crotch.

Overall I feel we (As fans of the books) were left a little deflated. I would still recommend seeing the film if you have seen the first one and haven’t read the books. Also if you like the idea of some raunchy sex scenes (Not explicit) then this film will be good for you. I would give it an Opinionated Dad rating of 6/10.

Pros: Same Actors/Actresses, Some good scenes, Some funny moments.

Cons: Some emotional scenes could have been played better, Maybe too much sex for my liking, Lack of story driven scenes from the book that could have been used, Extra scenes that weren’t in the books.

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