Feeling Unwell But Still Parenting

We do loads for our children. However the one thing you can guarantee is that if you feel unwell you might not feel like doing anything but ultimately you know you have to. You will endure great pain to ensure your child feels safe, full, secure and happy.

I recently suffered with an unknown illness, It made me feel sick, light-headed, Dizzy, weak, Tired, It gave me a bad stomach and I ached all over. I couldn’t move without feeling pain. All I wanted to do was stay curled up in bed and sleep it off. 

With Jenny being pregnant, feeling drained and generally unwell I thought it best to let her sleep in so she can carry on growing our beautiful little miracle. I would do as much as I can to make sure both Sophia and Jenny had everything they wanted and needed. After all it is my Job as a husband and dad. 

Sophia was feeling unwell too. You could tell by how she wanted extra cuddles and randomly cried for no visible reason. Now that I realized she was unwell I did give her some Calpol to help with the symptoms. It did make her seem a bit better in herself.

I didn’t want to face any of the normal housework and can you blame me? We were all feeling like crap. The washing was stacking up and I am now only just catching up on it all. I knew I had to keep doing the washing up. We still need to eat and have clean plates ect to eat from. 

Everytime I thought of food it did make me want to vomit. Luckily it didn’t happen. I hate vomiting as I’m sure everyone does. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to keep everything down. 

I have been told that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to being ill. I am a man after all, It could have been some kind of super Man-Flu that I caught. We all know how bad a normal Man-Flu is.

Being a dad and husband I did somehow manage to find the strength and determination to get things done for the sake of my family. I just wanted them to be comfortable even if it meant a bit of temporary pain for me. We all make sacrifices for our family and this was one of them. It wasn’t the first and It won’t be the last.

How have you dealt with being unwell while looking after your children? Did you just push through or did you get help? I would love to know, drop a comment below. ☟

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Unwell But Still Parenting

  1. Hope you’re feeling better! Definitely nothing worse than being ill and looking after yourself and a child – I’m just getting over a cold, but on a day to day basis I have my own health issues (ME/CFS), and I just have to push through as hubby works away through the week (we moved from
    Cambridgeshire to Wales last year so all our family is there, and I’m so lucky we have a fab support network here in our village)
    Hayley at Winging it with two boys

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