Father’s day

Being a dad and a son I am here to tell you what father’s day means to me. I will kick it off by honestly saying that when I was younger I never really understood fathers day.

A whole day for your dad? Doesn’t he get a birthday? Why not have a son’s day aswell then? That’s just a few things I thought of when I was quite young. Don’t worry I thought the same about Mother’s day too.

However now I understand that it isn’t just a day to get people to spend money on gifts ect. It is actually about taking the time to give back to your dad. They would have spent a lot of time and money to raise you. Doing their up most to support and protect you in various ways. Now it’s time to say thank you. That’s what I think father’s day means.

Dad’s are renowned for giving advice both good, bad and just plain funny. The sentiment is there though. I remember the best piece of advice my dad ever gave me was to keep my head held high and be myself. I think the message was saying to be proud of who you are. You are unique, your own person and no-one can ever take that away from you.

If I were able to pass any advice on to my children at the moment I would have to tell them that no matter what anyone says they should believe in themselves, they can do anything if they put their mind to it. A little bit of focus and determination can go a long way.

One thing that I wish I did more when I was a bit younger is enjoy a pint with my dad. It’s a great way of bonding and making them feel special that you have taken the time to spend with them.

I can’t wait until I can experience having that first pint with my son.

So this post is for you dad. I know we don’t see you that often but we do try our best with distance and other commitments. Have a great father’s day.

Cheers for being a great dad!

Also just before I wrap this up I just wanted to say that you know all the old stuff that was cool for the previous generation (Kings of the old cool)? Some have now been adopted by the new generation or passed down, things like Vinyl records, Adidas trainers even Mario! (Kings of the new cool) This is what I think about enjoying a pint with my dad. It is definitely a king of old cool and new cool. It’s something that gets picked up by the next generation.

One strange thing is we even enjoy the same beer! I think this is also a very good example of King of the old and new cool. Wadworth’s 6X was my dads favourite when he was around my age and now it’s mine. Maybe in 20-30 years it will be my son’s too.

Wadworths 6X

Happy father’s day!!

Have a great day Dad’s and enjoy a nice cold one with your Son when you get the chance!

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