Elves behavin’ badly

Over the last few weeks you have probably seen the Elves behavin’ badly products making their way to different shops and causing havoc on the shelves.

These naughty little elves are there to help you as a parent to keep the kids well-behaved by saying santa sent them to keep an eye out for naughty children. Also the Elves serve as an advent calendar to be placed in a variety of different poses to show they are alive when your children sleep. You can be as creative as you like and don’t forget this is a sure way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit!

Not only can you get the Elves (Elfie and Elvie) you can also get a wide range of accessories for them to help bring the magic alive. Afterall we do this for our children and I know Sophia will love it when they start to get their own personalities.

This isn’t just for the little kids either, I know I will be having a lot of fun posing them and coming up with different scenes and scenarios for them to play out. If you have older children they can help out with ideas and setting up the scenes.

I will be posting my pictures up on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow me on social media to see my crazy scenes and get inspiration.

My elves will be behavin’ badly from the 1st of December. Keep your eyes peeled.


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