The Domesticated Dad: Sewing

Welcome to my brand new series, The Domesticated Dad! In this series I will cover how to go about performing daily tasks that are seen as the typical ‘Woman’ jobs around the house. Let me just stress that I do not see these jobs as women’s jobs, They’re just jobs that need doing around the house.

Now that’s out the way let’s get started with our first topic!


Also known as the pointy, stabby, ouchy job. To get started you need the following things:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Something that needs sewing

To begin I just need to clarify that when I say ‘Needle’ I do not mean the sword that Arya has on Game of Thrones. There is in fact a tool called a needle that we will be using. Now we know you won’t be running around the house with a super thin sword trying to stab people the job instantly becomes boring. Don’t worry though we can still get through this!

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The hardest part is ‘Threading the needle.’ This is where you take a length of thread and pass it through the small hole of the needle, called the eye. Sometimes it can help to lick the end of the thread to make it easier.

Now you have threaded the needle we come to the fun part. STABBING THINGS!!! I will have to quote Game of Thrones here just as a safety precaution. In the words of Jon Snow “Stick ’em with the pointy end” and that is what you’re going to do. Stab the item next to the hole that needs fixing or stab the item to attach and pull the needle through. Be sure to leave a small bit of thread hanging out.

Well done!! You have just completed your first stitch. Now you just need to repeat the process loads of times until you have fixed the hole or attached the item.

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If you have tried to sew for the first time following my bad guide then I want to see it. You can post it on my Facebook page or Tweet.

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