The Domesticated Dad: Changing the Bedding

This episode will be all about that one job that no-one wants to do alone but everyone loves the results from. That’s right you read the title so you know what I’m talking about.

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Changing the Bedding:

We all hate this job and more often than not this is one of the jobs that gets left to the women. Sorry!

It is actually fairly straight forward and what I hate most about it is having to wash the darn thing after.

What you will need:

  • A bed that needs changing
  • Fresh, Clean bedding
  • Optional – A second person (you lucky bastard)

Now you have all the things you need let’s get started. First you want to remove all the current bedding from the bed in need of a change. Now comes the fun part, Yeah right!

The sheet is easiest thing to put on so let’s start with that one. If it’s a fitted sheet it will have elasticated corners. Each corner should fit over each of the four corners of the mattress tucking underneath nicely.

Next, the pillows or flumpy head resters as I call them. You should have a pillow case and all you need to do is slide the pillow inside. Once in tuck the end into the little flap to keep it from falling out.

Lastly, The bit we all hate with a passion. It’s the duvet cover. Now if you’re on your own expect to wrestle with it like ‘The Rock’ or ‘John Cena’ taking on their next opponent and you’re their opponent! The best way to prepare is to flip the cover inside out.

With the cover inside out place your hand into the corners and grab onto the corners of the duvet like a toddler holding onto their favourite toy. Shake and shake like your life depends on it. Just for good measure shake some more. You should see the cover eat the duvet like a snake eating a flat marshmallow, very strangely.

Once the duvet is inside you can let go of the corners and move to the bottom of the cover. This is where you will either ‘Click’ together the ‘poppers’ or fasten the buttons all the way along the bottom securing the duvet inside.

Place it neatly on the bed with the Flumpy head resters and you’re done! Give yourself pat on the back and grab a tea or coffee and relax, you deserve it!

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